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The Ingram Horseshoe  The Shepherds Perspective

The Ingram Horseshoe The Shepherds Perspective

Wed 29th August 2012

Today was going to be a walk with a difference. The walk had been titled as ‘The Ingram Horseshoe – The Shepherds Perspective’ and that is exactly what is going to be.

Also we had a guest with us today, Kirsten, who had come over from Germany to record a programme for Deutsche Radio. She was recording a 1 hour programme about British sheep and shepherding and part of this programme was going to feature Shepherds Walks. She believed it was totally unique, myself Jon, a former shepherd who now spends his life shepherding people around the hills rather than sheep and showcasing and explaining the landscape from a shepherds perspective.

The group of walkers met at the bridge car park and a quick introduction we started our walk.

After days of rain it was great to have the sun shining and at last we had a bit of summer weather. It was just what we all needed as we rose up from the valley floor. Kirsten recorded our feet squelching along the wet path as she was very keen to ‘paint a sound picture’ of this great countryside.

We stopped a number of times to look at the sheep and to look at the landscape, discussing the way it has been managed by the farmer.

As we skirted Wether Hill the day got better, as the local shepherd approached on his quad bike and after seeing us all smiling at him he stopped and explained in great depth about the way he manages the hill ground we were all walking through. He was a very passionate man who truly loved the countryside he worked in and to be honest this was the icing on the cake of the walk.

We then dropped down and climbed up around the back of Old Fawden Hill to find some shelter for lunch. Sheltered from the wind it was a lovely day as we looked east.

After lunch we continued on to Fawden farm and watched the farmer as he gathered his sheep up with his Border collie. May I add again this was all unplanned but as we walked through this working countryside the skill of both the dog on the handler was second to none.

As we skirted East Hill we headed back down to the valley floor we headed into the Ingram National Park Visitor centre for Ice Creams.

A great end to a good days walking.


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