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Two day Outdoor First Aid course

Two day Outdoor First Aid course

Wed 24th April 2013


Last weekend saw a new departure when we ran the first open Outdoor First Aid course for Shepherds Walks.

The course is designed for those who have a voluntary or paid role in leading groups in the outdoors or for those who travel to more remote places where help may be some time in arriving (even in Northumberland!). A mixed group of guides, Mountain Rescue, outdoor event first aiders and teacher/leaders assembled early on Saturday at the Quarry Centre in Whitley Bay. Given the experience of the group there was no pressure on Paul - not much!

The two days consists of mostly practical first aid work gradually building the skills and confidence needed to deal with mishaps in the outdoors.

Paul also introduced a unique scoring system so that the 'casualties' can score their first aiders. You will be pleased to know that 'deaths' and 'dangerous' practice were quickly reduced to a minimum!

Most first aid courses focus on the lone first aider's but another good feature of this training is that people start on their own but by the end of day two they will have worked in pairs, three's and groups. Then on Sunday afternoon the groups went outside to practice their skills. Paul was pleased that on cue it began to rain.......This part is usually the most enjoyable and memorable aspect and everyone had a jolly time getting to grips with the reality of dealing with people outdoors - too many pockets on clothing where 'suprises' can be hidden, cold ground seeings through clothing and recording cards that fall to bits in the wet. As one participant memorably put it "you come outside and everything you learnt indoors goes" (actually he said something involving more choice language than can be repeated here).

Everyone went away having learnt something new or had a good 'refresher,' including Paul, which is as it should be.

In June there will be a one day first aid course for those who walk with friends or act as an occassional volunteer with groups. A more broader and less intense experience will be on offer but yes, you will be going outside whatever the weather!


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