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Weather Cairn and St. Davids Cairn

Weather Cairn and St. Davids Cairn

Mon 4th July 2016

A rather dull day with low cloud that on the journey up to Biddlestone seemed to be lifting!

A rather select group set off from Biddlestone Chapel up the track to Singmoor and just as we reached Singmoor we walked into the cloud.  After a short time visibility was down to 50m or so.  Fortunately for Mike the route up to St. Davidís Cairn followed a fence line which was just as well as visibility drooped down to 20m at times.  After many false mist induced illusions we reached St. Davidís Cairn and lunch.  

After lunch we followed yet another fence and several lumps that Mike tried to convince everyone was Weather Cairn.  As usual we did not believe him particularly one or two of us who had been to Weather Cairn .before.  We finally arrived at Weather Cairn and Mike pointed out all the points of interest we could see a muddy hole some 5m away, a clump of heather at least 20m away.

The lack of interest registered with Mike so he led us back a short way before following another fence and then another fence.  Suddenly we were out of the cloud and could see Biddlestone Chapel about a mile away or 1.5k or so.  A steady walk across open moor brought us to the track leading to the Chapel and the end of a interesting walk.


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