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Northumberland Coastal Challenge Walk

Northumberland Coastal Challenge Walk
Sat 11th June 2022

This 26 mile linear walk covers the fantastic Northumberland Coastal line from just North of Bamburgh to Alnmouth.

After checking in on the morning of the walk in Alnmouth, transport is provided to the starting point near to Bamburgh. Participants then follow the Northumberland Coastal path back to Alnmouth.Support vehicles will be on standby, water stations, and emergency first aid cover will all be present on the day.

Every participant will receive a goody bag at the end of a great days walking.

Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue will also be supporting this event and a % of your booking fee goes directly to them as a donation for the stirling work they do 365 days a year.

The official charity for this years Northumberland Coastal Challenge Walk is HospiceCare North Northumberland. You do not have to raise money for this charity, but if you request a 'fundraising pack' we will pass your information onto them and they will send you a pack.

Sorry no dogs are allowed on this challenge walk.

event walks

  • Date: 11/06/2022
  • Start Time: 7.15 am
  • Distance: 26.2 miles
  • Difficulty: Difficult

Northumberland Coastal Challenge 2022

Ref: NCC2022 - Price: £44.50

This 26 mile linear walk covers the fantastic Northumberland Coastal line from just North of Bamburgh to Alnmouth.

price pp qty/people  
11/06/2022 - Places Left: 0
£44.50 FULLY BOOKED!  

Posted By: Jon Monks | Wed 16th March 2011

We have a Facebook page for the Coastal Challenge Walk. Just search for Northumberland Coastal Challenge on Facebook

Posted By: Paris | Sun 4th March 2012

Are dogs allowed to go on this walk? And what other walks? Thank you

Posted By: Jon Monks | Sun 4th March 2012

Yes dogs are more than welcome on all our events and guided walks.

Posted By: Richard Fraser | Mon 26th March 2012

Hi further to your recent email i confirm I will be walking the Coastal Challenge.

Posted By: Scott Brian | Fri 18th May 2012

Really enjoyed the 2012 Coastal Challenge walk.

Thanks to you and all your team, it was a superb level of service we received.

Look forward to seeing you on next years event!

Posted By: Diana | Mon 27th August 2012

Hi! I have booked two places for the 2013 Challenege but not received anything as confirmation? Do we get any tips, useful info etc nearer the time? Thanks, Diana

Posted By: Jon Monks | Tue 28th August 2012

Diana, Thanks for your comment. You will receive all the 'pre event' info in the posat about two weeks before the event.


Posted By: April | Sat 22nd September 2012

Hi John. I'm going to get a team together from the staff! I'll get training now. Can't wait!

Posted By: Pat Colbourne | Mon 3rd December 2012

Hi there Jon,I re-started my UK Coast Walk (after a hip replacement) at Berwick-upon-Tweed and was able to follow much of your Northumberland Coastal walk path on my way down the East coast. Thank you for the route and tips - it was a lovely journey, especially in the early, chilly sunshine of March 2012. Pity about the rest of the summer - I got wet too often. I still fondly remember the journey you gave me for our walk along Hadrian's Wall a few years ago. I'm now 72 and walking more slowly! Warm regards,Pat Colbourne (Bath)

Posted By: Karene | Thu 24th January 2013

Hi there, I cant seem to get anyone to attempt the walk with me, therefore is the route as such that I can solo it? ok I realise there are other people on the walk, however just in case there are times when we are all strung out!

Posted By: Jon Monks | Thu 24th January 2013

Karene, we get a good number of people who complete the Coastal challenge walk on their own, but often they end up walking with other people. As it is a linear walk and you are bussed to the start you will start off in groups of 50, so plenty of other people to walk with.

Posted By: Connie King | Tue 5th February 2013

re; Karene - 24 Jan 2013 - I can't make this walk, but planning to do at least ONE Shepherds Walk this year!! In similar position for walking companion, so get in touch and perhaps we can do one together!! (Everyone was in couples on my last walk)

Posted By: Julie Barnett | Sat 23rd March 2013

Apart from the weather this was a great walk. No big hills, which is a favourite of mine. All the volunteers and staff on the checkpoints gave us a cheery pat on the back but made us walk on! Especially Richard who was at the windiest and wettest part.

Can't wait for this years. Fingers crossed for the weather.


Posted By: Simon McDonald | Sat 30th March 2013

Really looking forward to the challenge walk this year. We have done it over the past two years and it is so well organised. Counting down the days!

Posted By: Rachel | Wed 1st May 2013

Hi there, I've signed up for this walk and haven't received anything through the post and can't seem to download the event info. which has been emailed to me. Any clues please? Thanks v much and I'm really looking forward to Monday. It's my first 26 mile walk and I'm a little nervous that I should have done more prep!

Posted By: Jane monks | Wed 1st May 2013

Rachel, i have e-mailed you all of the information directly. More than happy to e-mail the information to anyone who needs it. Looking forward to seeing you at the start line and don't worry, it will be a fantastic day!

Posted By: Jane | Wed 8th May 2013

Just to say a huge thank you to all involved in the walk yesterday - we had a great day & a lovely sense of achievement. We werent the first back by a long way but went at our own pace and amazingly finished comfortably with no blisters/sore feet. Feeling great today after a hot bath & good nights sleep & no aches/pains!It was our first big walk and we hadnt done much walking in a long time before we started training. We were really impressed by the organisation which was very efficient, calm and friendly. The people on the checkpoints were, without exception, great always checked we were ok, offered refreshments and encouraged us along the way. They were very discreet in the way they observed & looked after the walkers which was much appreciated.

Posted By: Paul Bishop | Wed 8th May 2013

Just to thank you for yesterdays well organised and enjoyable event,of which i can only say was faultless,thanks to all those who helped on the day who contributed in a very friendly and courteous manner, Ive walked hundreds of miles and witnessed some lovely scenery of which yesterday was equal to in parts.

Im still baffled as to how you made the sun come out halfway through the day,but i suppose those secrets are kept inhouse!!!!!!!

Posted By: Kym Smith | Fri 21st June 2013

Hi there,Me and my sister have just entered the walk and would just like to know if there are any ways we can set up on online page so that people can sponsor us through that?Thanks

Posted By: Jon Monks | Sat 22nd June 2013

Regarding an online page to raise money. I see you have requested a fundraising pack at the time of booking. Therefore diabetes UK will contact you with all the options they have at their disposal regarding helping you to raise funds.

I am not an expert on online fundraising but I know many of our participants use -

I hope that helps.


Posted By: Suzanne | Wed 7th May 2014

Just to say for our first ever walk we had an amazing day! Beautiful scenery , well organised and a personal acvomplishment for my friend and IOnly one thing!!! I left my boots with Margaret and forgot to get them at end !!!I was 118 - can I collect them??

Posted By: Amanda | Mon 4th January 2016

I was wondering how long is the walk expected to take?

Posted By: Sarah | Wed 13th January 2016

Hi! I'm also interested in the time it is expected to take to complete the course. I did the Hadrians Wall 26 mile Trekathon in 2014 and it took 10 hrs and cost me 2 big toenails...ouch! Happily, they've regrown and are ready for the next challenge!

Posted By: helen | Mon 18th January 2016

hi was just wandering how long it normally takes on average to walk 26 mile this is my first long walk !

Posted By: Jon Monks - Shepherds Walks | Mon 18th January 2016

Helen, thanks for your enquiry. You will walk just above 2.5 miles an hour on average so you should be finished in 8 - 10 hours. Don't worry we are there until everybody has finished!

Posted By: Catherine Moody | Mon 26th September 2016

Hi, I have just come across the details of this walk and am planning on booking up soon. I did the Hadrian's wall walk this year and was probably spoilt with all the services provided, so just wanted to get an idea of what is available in the way of food, water and toilet stops along the way, and how much I would have to carry?Looks fab Thanks

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