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Walking Northumberland Coast Path in 24 hours

Walking Northumberland Coast Path in 24 hours

Thu 15th October 2020

To say it has been an interesting year for local charities will be the understatement of the year.

Here are Shepherds Walks we are going to try and help out in a small way.

For the past few years Shepherds Walks has managed some of the larger challenge walks in the region including the Northumberland Coastal Challenge Walk, Coquet valley and Kielder Challenge Walks.

During these events, with the help of the participants, we manage to raise a large amount of money for two key charities in Northumberland. These are Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team and Hospice Care North Northumberland.

With this in mind Jon Monks, the managing director of Shepherds Walks has decided to step up to the bar and see if he can raise some money to help each of these charities.

Instead of walking the 26 miles, which the Northumberland Coastal Challenge event covers, Jon has decided to try and walk the full length of the Northumberland Coast Path (62 miles) in a 24 hour period and if that was not a challenge on its own he is going to do it on the last day of October, when daylight hours will be very short indeed.

Jon said, ‘I was originally hoping to do this challenge earlier in the year, but with all the lock down restrictions it just kept being put on hold’. He continued ‘I have really put lots into the training with my main concentration of this being practicing walking long distances in the dark with just a head torch guiding the way. It’s been really funny, I have been starting my training walks late afternoons, when most people are heading home but I have been doing this so I walk the majority of my walk in the darkness, aiming to finish each of my walks around midnight each time’.

Jon has never walked this distance before and he does admit it will be a really big personal challenge and with his supporters being able to track him live, as he will be carrying a GPS tracker, for the duration of the challenge he is hoping people will support him and the two great charities he is supporting.

He will be starting this epic walk on Saturday 31st October 2020 at Berwick upon Tweed with him finishing within the 24 hours at Cresswell on the Sunday morning. During the walk Jon will be doing live Facebook posts on his progress as well as people being able to track him live online.

If you would like to support Jon, you can -

- Support Jon's Just Giving page - raise money for Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team - more here

- Support Jon's Just Giving page - raing money for North Northumberland Hospice Care - more here

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