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Work Experience Blog 27th - 30th June

Work Experience Blog 27th - 30th June

Tue 4th July 2017

Work Experience Blog 27th – 30th June

Tuesday morning, 9 am, which is far too early, and it was raining.

Not a good start to the day; however, I was not going to let this dampen my spirits going into my first day of work experience.

When I arrived into the office, everyone was so welcoming and I instantly felt at home. When Jon showed me the Intranet and the job sheet, I immediately thought, wow, they get a lot done in a day here. I soon found out that they did.

I was first assigned the task of populating various Shepherds Walks Holidays on the Trips, Treks and Tours website. This was good for me; however, I asked Jon to come over and check every single one when I had finished. There were fifteen of them.

Even though he didnít show his annoyance on the outside, I imagine that by the last one, the annoyance was shining brightly on the inside.

Lynn then showed me the challenge walk entries and what information was needed. If there was any that was missing then I would email them and get them to send it across.

This took me to six oíclock when Jon and I went to the Queenís head to meet a lady that was starting her holiday. She seemed optimistic which I assumed, meant that she had not looked at the weather forecast. Yep, you guessed it. Rain, rain and even more rain.

We got back just in time for Andyís webinar. I was originally wearing a headset to hear him but because we were sitting opposite each other and he was the only one that was going to be speaking, I suddenly felt really quite stupid. All in all, despite the rain, it was a really good day.

My second day, once again started with rain.

However, once Jon and Andy told me that Lynn had played at Glastonbury, I was very impressed.

I could not tell, and I still canít tell, if they were impressed or just having a laugh.

I came in today, wondering how many emails I would have got from the challenge walks. Maybe fifteen, maybe more? No. I got four. Four people out of twenty had replied. Oh well. I now had another chance to get the fifteen replies that I wanted because today, I was going through peopleís entries into the GPS training courses, to find any missing information. Like Tuesday, if there was any that was missing, I would email them.

When I had done that, Jon showed me how to download pictures of the recent Coquet valley challenge walk, from Facebook and upload them back onto the shepherds walks website. This was good because I got to see all of the photos that were taken; however, it was a very long-winded process because you have to select each one individually and the crop each one individually as well.

This took me to about 4:20, and unlike yesterday, I was finishing at five instead of seven. With forty minutes left, Jon said that I should go down to the river to take some pictures of some GPS units. I jumped at this idea because I really like photography. Luckily, it had stopped raining because otherwise, I would not have been so keen to go. Another really good, but tiring day.

Thursday, this was the first day that it hadnít been raining when arrived.

It put a spring in my step. As soon as I walked into the office, I could feel that there was excitement in the air, especially coming from one of the corners.

Unsurprisingly, this was where Andy was sitting. I soon found out that this excitement was all because of a new GPS unit had arrived that wasnít even for sale yet. Everyone was very excited and eager to see what new features it had.

Andy then did an unboxing video and I was the chosen one to film it. It was amazing, I didnít know how he did it but we only needed to do one take. Then I filmed Andy doing an overview of the SapMap active 20, the GPS that had arrived, edited both videos and uploaded them up onto YouTube.

Because it had now been two days since I had sent the first lot of emails about the challenge walks, and one day since the emails about the GPS training courses went out, I thought that I must have a lot of emails now. But only five people had replied, so there are still a lot that I am waiting for.

More photos had been uploaded to Facebook, so I downloaded them to the laptop and uploaded them to the shepherds walks website.

Finally, Jon came over and said that I would spend the next ten hours of the work experience on the next project that he had install for me. To write a 2018 tour dossier for the northern Pennine way. Luckily it helped that day walks had been combined to create this holiday, and there was a blog that was written for each day in 2011 that described what was on the route. Thank you for trusting me with such a big task.

Friday, my last day of work experience and it was raining again, well, drizzling. It wasnít as bad. As I had only got about half way through with the tour dossier, that is the first thing I did. I enjoyed it because, I was given all of the resources that I would need, I just had to use them where appropriate. I then set out on the blog.

Because I had done so much during the week, I had a lot to write about. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and now, Friday.

Here I am wondering what to write apart from, Jon, Andy, Jane, Jackie, Lynn and Henry, thank you so much for this opportunity and allowing me to come and spend these four days with you and to see what goes on behind the walking, it has been amazing.

Thank you also, to Henry who let me use his laptop and his email. Iím not sure if he knows about the second one but, oh well. I am glad that I have got to experience things that would actually happen in a real working week and I am grateful that I have got to complete tasks that will go online.

Thank you everyone very much.

Posted By: Caroline Maddison | Mon 10th July 2017

Great blog Dougie, really captured that behind the scenes feel and gave us an excellent insight into what goes on.

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